We are pleased to report that Rodríguez Molnar & Asociados has been appointed Environmental Legal Counsel for Biotopo Consultores SL, (http://biotopoconsultoressl.com/en/home/) a Company developing Geological, Geotechnical and Environmental activities in the Madrid region whose professionals credit more than 20 years of experience in furtherance of environmental protection in their sector.

Our advice will focus, in particular, on giving Biotopo Consultores environmental legal support as well as contributing to their national and international expansion. We are grateful to Biotopo Consultores for relying on us for this interesting project in which we are particularly pleased to participate.

The scope of activities of Biotopo Consultores encompasses significant areas such as the preparation of Geotechnical Studies, Evaluation of Construction Pathologies, Geothermic Projects, Health and Safety at Work (including the preparation of Labor Risk Prevention Plans for construction and other sites) and even a sector as specific as the preservation of archeological remains. On the environmental side, Biotopo Consultores processes all paperwork required by the different EH&S projects while subsequently controlling that – once approved – all processes are effectively applied. Likewise, their staff feature well known expertise in the preparation of Environmental Impact Studies for projects that are legally required to produce one. They also feature significant knowledge in the preservation of the natural environment through conservation of points or areas of geological interest, control of contaminated land and aquifers and others. The professionals working with Biotopo Consultores are skilled in assessing the impact of urban developments on the priority and non-priority habitats included in the Nature 2000 Network.

We are committed to giving legal support to this new national and international expansion project and are firmly convinced of its success.

We are fully available to discuss or analyze with you any aspect of the activities of Biotopo Consultores SL.