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Sworn translations


(English Language)

Our translations team has many years of expertise in producing translations of legal documents drafted in English into Spanish and viceversa.

If necessary, we can have such translations sworn for contractual, administrative or judicial purposes, such translations being valid nationwide.

The firm can translate all sorts of legal documents ranging from simple POAs to complex litigation writs and contractual documents such as license, franchise, Joint Venture, technical assistance, sales, agency and other agreements usual in our legal practice.  Because of our Latin American background we may also be able of providing translations into the Spanish applicable in some of the Latin American regions.

Please consult the specific availability of these services and/or their costs through our “Contact” form; or make a full consultation by sending an e-mail to translations@rm-as.com, attaching a scanned copy of the document to be translated for cost  evaluation.

Please note that we would not provide this service to clients that could represent a conflict of interest for our firm.