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Gabriel Juan Ulrich

Mercosur Counsel



Bio, Education & Bar Admission


Mr. GABRIEL JUAN ULRICH features a law degree issued by the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and validated by its Spanish equivalent of Bachelor of Laws. He has carried out specialization studies in International Comparative Law and American Law at the South Western Legal Foundation, University of Texas, in Dallas and at Harvard University (Boston, Mass.).

He has been a member of the Madrid Bar Association since 1983.

Gabriel features more than 45 years of professional practice, started at the Allende & Brea Law Firm in Buenos Aires, having been managing attorney of the New York office of the firm as well as, between 1981 and 1983,of the Madrid and Zaragoza offices opened in Spain by said firm. During those years he participated in the establishment in Spain of several international companies; among others, General Motors Corp.

He was a founding partner and currently continues as a partner of the law firm Etcheberry, López French & Ulrich, in Buenos Aires, a firm specialized in labor (Corporate), commercial and corporate law.

His professional practice has encompassed most areas of commercial law, including incorporation of companies, mergers and acquisitions and all types of commercial contracts such as distribution agreements, representation agreements, franchising, banking, leasing, auditing, foreign trade operations and general legal assistance in civil environmental matters, renewable energies, customs law, new technologies and others.

In recent years, his professional experience has been focused on advising in matters specifically related to the Mercosur area, an experience that – with his establishment in Spain – Gabriel now puts at the service of the international expansion of Spanish and European companies.

Until 2009 he acted as attorney in Argentina and Uruguay for the Spanish State Patrimony in the recovery of RUMASA’s foreign assets.

Gabriel is fluent in English, with reading and colloquial knowledge of French, while currently in his second year of German studies.