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Easier enforcement of judgments at EU level


This is to report the coming into effect of EU Regulation 2015/2012 on the recognition of judgments in civil and commercial matters that modifies the system of european recognition and enforcement of judgments existing up to date. The new regime is implemented with the clear aim of facilitating the enforcement of judgments rendered by national courts in other Member States.

The new legislation includes key aspects such as the abolition of the Exequatur (prior procedure of recognition of foreign judgments) and the standardization of procedures by means of a Form which ensures the uniformity of the information conveyed, which will be now similar and consistent in all Member States.

The doubts remain however with regard to the adoption of interim measures and cases of claims based on intellectual property, which must be analyzed on a case by case basis and with respect to each country where enforcement is sought.

It is noteworthy that the new legislation is also of interest with regard to purely national lawsuits, where the actions of seizure and execution


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