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New Legal Regime on the Carbon Footprint.


Spain launches a system of registrations and actions aimed at improving the image and competitiveness of Spanish companies.

During his speech at a technical conference about "The calculation of the carbon footprint as an impulse for competitiveness", held within the framework of the International Trade Fair for Energy and Environment, the General Director of the Spanish Office for Climate Change, Susana Magro, has announced the launching this year of the National System of Carbon Footprint Records, intended as an incentive for companies to take measures to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases.

The national system of carbon footprint, (that is,“the total sets of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person”), is a pioneering action Plan which will consist of three voluntaryregistrations.

The first registration will be directed to Spanish companies willing to calculate their carbon footprint and wanting to register it officially. Said companies will be vested with a national seal witnessing this action.

A second registration will be used by all companies and institutions involved in forestry projects or silviculture in Spain.

The third registration will serve to connect to companies that want to offset the carbon footprint with projects in progress in our country, so that the set off takes place in Spain, through forest sinks.

The ultimate goals of the project are to (i) reduce GHG emissions, (ii) encourage companies to calculate their carbon footprint and (iii) develop plans for their reduction or compensation while promoting energy efficiency systems.

In addition, it will encourage the realization of projects of carbon absorption in the national territory and will allow the compensation of emissions using carbon removals achieved in Spain.

Through this initiative the Ministry will acknowledge the actions of companies in reducing emissions, thus improving their competitive edge by reducing their energy consumption and reinforcing their image through their environmental performance.

It is expected that the calculation of the carbon footprint will enable companies to select the most appropriate  actions and investments in a more effective manner, while reducing costs and improving their image through this express commitment to the preservation of the environment.

As far as we are aware in RM & As, is the first Spanish initiative in this matter, which can therefore only be welcomed.


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