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RM&AS New International Project


Last November 2013 we announced that our firm had entered into a Strategic Alliance with the Dubai based firm of Adam Global, one of the world largest business services providers, with a view to securing our firm quality access to the Middle and Far East and the African markets.

Today, we are pleased to report that Adam Global has put in place an Advisory Council of expert professionals, appointed from amongst Adam’s worldwide partners based upon international merits and accredited experience. Our name Partner, Mr. Rodríguez Molnar  was actively involved in organizing the Council for the last few months. We are also pleased to report that the Board of Adam Global has decided to rely on our partner to act as the first Chair of the Council for an initial period of two years. Mr. Rodríguez Molnar views this distinction as recognition of his many years of international corporate and environmental practices. Environmental Protection in general and Sustainable Development in particular will receive a strong boost in Adam’s international activities in the near future.

Mr. Rodríguez Molnar shall be accompanied by a distinguished panel of international experts in a number of areas of law and business. Including our Partner Mr. Juan Botella Reyna, who will add to the Council his many years of international expertise in IP matters.

The complete list of the current Council members and full insights to their respective areas of expertise can be found at http://www.adamglobal.com/advisory-council/

It is expected that further experts will be added to the Council as its activities develop and expand.

The Advisory Council will report to the Board of Directors in furtherance of what the Adam Group perceives as an international market advantage by making the expertise of its members in different fields available to Adam’s worldwide client base and third parties as well.

In addition to advising Adam’s Board of Directors on the issues of its competence, the Advisory Council has three main goals:

(i)                    To advise clients and third parties on the features of particular public or private projects - even at embryo stage and before they are implemented - to assure their full feasibility and compatibility with the applicable legal, social and political requirements of the host country;

(ii)                    To propose and draft specific legislation to be applied by developing countries in areas of their particular interest; and

(iii)                  The Council members can serve as Arbitrators in litigation and out of court dispute resolution cases.

It is expected that this Council will be the embryo of an Adam sponsored UAE Court of Arbitration and our firm will be delighted to participate in furthering such challenging goal.

To facilitate the work of the Council a Secretariat has been created in the Dubai headquarters to which all petitions, enquiries and comments can be addressed. The Secretariat is responsible for relaying and coordinating all communications with the Council. The Secretariat can be contacted by e-mail at secretariat@adamglobal.com and contact person is Iftekhar Husain on phone +971 4341 9701.

Of course you can contact us direct and at all times on any aspect of this project.

We are all committed to the success of this new international undertaking and we will be pleased to expand or clarify any aspect that may be required in connection with the Advisory Council, its members and/or activities.

Kind regards


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