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New Year- New Life


Dear Friends,

In these difficult times, the old saying “New Year – New Life” does not seem to generate much optimism. However, as we want to be loyal to our tradition of challenging problems with optimism and faith in the future, the New Year comes with three material news that we want to share with you.

The first news is that as of next January 1, 2013, we shall move to a new office at

Velázquez 80 – 4º Izda
28001 - Madrid
Tel: (34-91) 431.6795
Fax: (34-91) 575.8190
General E-mail: firm@rm-as.com
Writer's Personal E-Mail: h.rodriguezmolnar@rm-as.com
URL: www.rm-as.com

As you can see, only the address changes, meaning that we go back to our “roots”, by moving to an office placed some 25 meters away from our first office, where everything started 28 years ago.

The second news, associated with the previous one is that the move will bring our practice close to that of our old friends of “Tavira & Botella”, our associated Intellectual and Industrial Property colleagues. Under the expert advice and guidance of T&B’s managing partner Mr. Juan Botella Reyna, we shall actively resume an area of practice that we discontinued a few years ago, when our much beloved friend and IP partner Mr. Juan Gibert passed away in 2007. This is an activity that will provide a third material area of practice in addition to our traditional activities in the Corporate and EH&S fields.

And, last but certainly not least, you may have already noted that - to celebrate all of the above - we have overhauled our web site. And you are cordially invited to browse it. 

We are confident that we shall continue to deserve the confidence of all our clients and friends also in this new - and hopefully bright - new stage of our firm’s life.

All the best

Héctor Rodríguez Molnar


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