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RM&As at the IBA Boston Conference


The Conference was held in Boston last week and was a full success, reaching the record number of 6000 delegates.

In the course of the Conference, Mr. Rodríguez Molnar participated – as usual – in the activities of the Corporate and IP Committees, where the attendants discussed recent developments of interest with regard to the legal structure of small businesses and some of the most recent IP developments. In addition, Mr. Rodríguez Molnar discussed the recent Spanish SC decision in a significant IP case (Vorwerk vs. Taurus).

With a view to exploring contacts and relations with other regions, Mr. Rodríguez Molnar participated in the Conference sessions of the “Arab Regional Forum” where, among other interesting items, the delegates reviewed some of the most recent transactions involving the use of Sukuks to finance European transactions.  The IBA Arab Regional Forum provides lawyers active in, or with an interest in the region, with a means to establish contact and exchange information with each other. A particular focus of interest is the continuing economic importance of the region, including reconstruction and investment projects following peace initiatives.

Last but not least, Mr. Rodríguez Molnar took office as Vice-Chair of the Environmental Health & Safety Law Committee, that held interesting sessions on matters such as the need and convenience of establishing environmental courts and environmental protection as a fundamental constitutional and human right.

In line with this last topic, the Committee hosted a brilliant Showcase  on Climate Change and Human Rights chaired by the Committee Chair, Mr. David Estrin, with the participation of outstanding speakers such as Bianca Jagger (Founder and Chair Bianca Jagger Human Right Foundation); Michael Gerrard, Esq. (Director, Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia University); Sir Crispin Tickell (former President, Royal Geographic Society;  Convenor of the Government Panel on Sustainable Development) and Professor John H. Knox, (UN Independent Expert on Human Rights and the Environment; Professor of International Law Wake Forest University School of Law). It was a rewarding session where provocative thoughts on current and future challenges were on the table.

In connection with its internal activities, the Committee discussed possible topicas for future Conferences and brainstormed on other potential activities, such as the possibility for the Committee to become a channel to assist developing countries (namely in the African region) to organize and establish a comprehensive and operational EH&S legal regime applicable nationwide. Our Partner is of the view that such projects could contribute to stability in the area through a common regional approach to the subject, while providing legislative tools adapted to each country’s specific features, geographical layouts and economic needs; including the drafting and implementation of specific legislation. The matter must still undergo further internal discussion.


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