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After a year of domestic operations, RODRIGUEZ MOLNAR & ASOCIADOS are pleased to announce the international launching of Copilex, an On-Line Intellectual Property protection system supported on the strength of Spanish notarial faith.


Through a simple, cost effective, confidential and easy to implement software based process, Copilex allows companies and individuals intending to protect their IP creations in different walks of life, to swiftly register, store, protect and keep confidential their creations in real time and from their own offices and/or computers.


The protection encompasses but is not limited to the fashion, advertising, software, marketing and other industries as well as bloggers, documentalists, graphic designers, podcasters, video producers and others.

This is achieved through a secure (encrypted) software processing whereby the creations will be placed under the custody of Spanish Notaries, who will – if requested by the IP registrants - certify and give faith of all aspects of the registered creations, including contents, features, date of filing and registration and other aspects relevant to the protection of Intellectual Property rights. The process will be valid to all commercial and litigation effects in and for all countries that are parties to the international IP Conventions.

Those of you who are acquainted with the high level of protection of the Spanish notarial system will readily notice the advantages involved in this tool over other existing systems. 


Copilex will also allow the creators to rapidly obtain certified, translated and legalized notarial copies of their registered creations at an affordable cost; and will offer expert legal and litigation advice to its clients regardless of their locations. 


The Copilex Project is geared by our partner, Mr. Juan Botella Reyna, a Patent and Trademark Agent and Attorney with more than 25 years of experience in the sector.


Our senior partner, Mr. Héctor Rodríguez Molnar, in his capacity as Secretary and General Counsel for Copilex Legal S.L. has been responsible for implementing the legal aspects of company business at national level; and is now leading the international expansion of ithe Copilex services worldwide.


The Copilex© trademark, web site and processes are copyright protected at international level and the company is now ready to offer licenses to selected professionals in different countries to work with Copilex to give their clients adequate protection at discounted costs. Copilex is also open to developing national structures linked to the mother company in association with resident colleagues and clients.


You can find all relevant details on Copilex and its main features at www.copilex.com (site in Spanish and English).


Please feel free to contact Mr. Rodríguez Molnar (h.rodriguezmolnar@rm-as.com)  should you have any doubts or queries about the Copilex system or its operational aspects







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