A Firm of Corporate Solutions and Environmental Awareness.

32nd Anniversary

Thirty two years of continuing existence have gone by.

This is indeed a material landmark for a boutique firm permanently moving in a scenario controlled by megafirms. This we have achieved through quality work, with the significant aid of our top notch international clients and focusing our activities exclusively in those áreas where we treasure the main part of our expertise: Foreign Investments, Corporate, Environmental and IP Work.

In this latter área we must highlight the traditional cooperation with our “of counsel” and good friend Juan Botella Reyna, with whom we shall shortly be facing new projects in the year.

The statistics seems to indicate that the legal market is gathering momentum again, moving from the intricable wrold of macroeconomics to the everyday business environment. A significant part of the business however, is still linked to foreign stakeholders and markets.

Assessments as to what the future will bring are miscellaneous and look very much like the world of fortune tellers rather than the world of legal profesionals. Over and above all this, we must not underestimate the impact of political uncertainty, that has actually acted as a burden, compromising the necessary economic lift off. We are in the hands of politicians who seem unable to reach a compromise towards those goals that the pools have instructed them to reach.

We face all such uncertainties with the satisfaction of a work we consider well done. We rely on our knowledge and those capabilities that have always allowed us to deserve the trust of our clients.

Héctor Rodríguez Molnar

Masrid, July 4, 2016